Software Notes


Olex2 (structure solution and refinement)

The Olex2 software package combines a modern, flexible GUI with either SHELX or olex.solve/refine routines to streamline the structure solution and refinement process. Versions are available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

  • Olex2 Quick Reference - a two-page summary of some of the most useful command-line instructions for the Olex2 software.
  • A script to launch the PLATON for Windows Taskbar (a.k.a. pwt) from Olex2 - this script (Windows only) passes the current working directory and filename to the PLATON for Windows Taskbar to allow quick access to all the tools within the PLATON suite.
  • Customizing Olex2 and other tools on OS X - suggestions to get tools such as XPREP and PLATON running under OS X and customizing TextMate to work with Olex2 and SHELX.