Customizing Olex2 on OS X

Running BrukerExecutables (including XPREP) on OS X using Wine

Step 1: Install Wine - if you're running [Snow] Leopard (OS X 10.5 or 10.6), you may be able use Fink or MacPorts to install Wine. For OS X Lion, a good option is the lion-winebuilder script.

Step 2: Install the Bruker Executables into Wine

  • Option 1 - install directly from the CD. Mount the CD and run the install program using wine.
  • Option 2 - copy the .exe files you want from c:\bn to ~/.wine/drive_c/bn.
    You will need to add the appropriate entries using regedit under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment, specifically: SXTL=C:\BN\SXTL\SXTL.INI, SXTL$SYSTEM:=C:\BN\SXTL\, SXTL$SITE=your_site (from license), SXTL$USERNAME=your_username (from license).
    You will also want to edit the PATH (again with regedit, same KEY) to include C:\BN\SAINT; C:\BN\SXTL; C:\BN\XSHELL; C:\BN\Tools; and C:\BN\PWT

Step 3: Set up any desired drive mappings using winecfg.

Step 4: Run the following command: winetricks fonts allfonts. This will install all the fonts needed to make any text-based programs look reasonable.

Step 5: If you want, create aliases in your ~/.profile. I find alias xprep="wine xprep" and alias cell_now="wine cell_now" to be most useful.