Crystallographic Resources at Otterbein University

nickel complex

X-ray crystallography is a powerful method for determining the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in all types of crystalline solids. The materials within these web pages are designed to help students understand various aspects of crystallography and crystallographic symmetry.

These materials are still in active development, so please contact the author (d johnston at otterbein dot edu) with any suggestions, corrections, comments, or other feedback. Thanks!


Update: July 2016 - A new web site for displaying crystallographic symmetry in selected spacegroups is now live. (Presented at the 66th Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association, Denver, CO).

Teaching: Powerpoint slides from a recent presentation (Experimental Structure Determination in the Undergraduate Curriculum) at the Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference have been posted in the Teaching section.

Olex2 Users: Check out the Olex2 Quick Reference now posted in the Software section. And for Windows Olex2 users, there are instructions on getting Olex2 to interact with the PLATON Windows Taskbar as well.

Mac Users: There are tips on getting various Bruker programs (like XPREP) running under Wine.